[Mailman-Users] Reposting Form Data

Markus Fleck fleck at informatik.uni-bonn.de
Sat Aug 1 01:59:28 CEST 1998

Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> [Redirecting POST]
> I'm sure there's some haughty security justification for the
> non-reposting of form data, so the natural question is: can I get
> around this?  :-)

I don't think so. You either have to post to the "other" URL
yourself in the CGI script (eek), or try to attach your parameters,
URL-encoded, to the URL (as a GET request). The latter aproach looks
ugly in browsers (and might reveal passwords in clear text), and the
former might be a security problem (if access to the "other" CGI
script is restricted).

OTOH, if you're on the same server, you could just exec (or "import")
the "other" CGI script directly from the local file system.

I don't think that there is a portable way to redirect POSTs.


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