[Mailman-Users] Multiple copies of messages?

William Bradford mrbill at frenzy.com
Sat Aug 1 02:53:57 CEST 1998

On Fri, Jul 31, 1998 at 07:14:28PM -0400, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
>     WB> Never ran into a multiple-subscribe-ack problem (I added all
>     WB> my users manually, from another list software), but I also
>     WB> found that if I tried to add more than 25 users at a time or
>     WB> so I'd get error occurances with messages on the web page like
>     WB> "Operation would block", etc.  That, however, may be a DEC
>     WB> UNIX limit problem and not a MailMan problem.
> Hmm.

Whack that.  I changed "Max number of outgoing connections" to 1 today,
and it eliminated the multiple-copies-of-posts, but I'm seeing the
double-ack problem now.  My other problem ("Edit Options" was broke) has
already been fixed. 8-)

> :-(

I've been testing another list all day and its looking better.
Just need to patch and recompile and reinstall.

BTW, did anyboyd else notice that all the python scripts are
headed with "#! /usr/local/env python" instead of "#! <path to
installed python executable>" ?  I had to hand-edit all the stuff
in bin/ and scripts/ to get it to work.

So far, so good.  getting there gradually.


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