[Mailman-Users] Re: [Mailman-Developers] Odd b5 behavior

Janne Sinkkonen janne at avocado.pc.helsinki.fi
Mon Aug 3 20:38:44 CEST 1998

"Corbett J. Klempay" <cklempay at acm.jhu.edu> writes:

> How do I check?  Is this what I see when I do mailq?  If that's it, it's
> empty.


> > When I had a broken sendmail, most of the messages still went through.
> I don't know that my sendmail is really broken..it works with b4, and all
> of our non-mailman mail is running smoothly.

At least the MIME bug is not your problem, since it doesn't exist in
8.9.1. (BTW, practically all of our non-mailman mail ran smoothly as
well, so that's not an indicator of anything.)

To see whether the mail really goes to the MTA, change the logging
level of sendmail high enough (if it isn't). That's just the 'O' thing
in sendmail.cf - it is easy to edit manually.


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