[Mailman-Users] mailman, pipermail

David.Sparrman at kristnet.org David.Sparrman at kristnet.org
Sun Aug 9 19:39:21 CEST 1998

I need to get a listserver up and running in one week, and am currently
checking out mailman.

My current problem is that I am not familiar at all with mailing list
software. (etc etc, standard newbie warning)

The installation procedure for mailman is fairly well documented
including shell commands except for one stage: "point an external
archiver at the public and private archives" [pipermail].

I can't find anything in the pipermail package that give me any hints
about how this should be done, and dejanews have no further hints.

mailman 1.0b5 is installed in /home/mailman
pipermail 0.05 is installed in /usr/local/pipermail

if I run;
     python pipermail.py        - nothing happens
     python hypermail.py        - it complains with a message saying it
                                  can't open MBOX.
     mkdir mbox ; python hypermail.py -m /usr/local/pipermail/mbox

I seem to accomplish something. Not sure off what, though.
What else should be done? (looking sheepishly)


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