[Mailman-Users] mailman problem (?)

Greg Stein gstein at svpal.org
Wed Aug 19 02:09:29 CEST 1998

I saw this same issue. At one point, I put the password into the URL (I
forget the argument name) and it worked after that. I could even remove
the URL modification. Apparently, the password screen does not set the
cookie properly, while the URL argument does.


Greg Stein (gstein at lyra.org)                     execfile("disclaimer.py")

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Bob Kummerfeld wrote:

> I've installed mailman and followed the instructions to set up a list called
> test.
> I go to the management page for the list and I'm asked for"test Administrative
> Authentication". I enter the correct password (as verified in the initial
> mail) but the page that comes up is the general admin page (/mailman/admin).
> Is this correct? I was expecting a page to allow me to manage the list.
> Bob.
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