[Mailman-Users] private downloadable archives have Content-Type: text/html

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Thu Dec 3 23:17:49 CET 1998

I'm having some problems with the downloadable versions of private

For lists where the archives are public, the
.../mailman/listinfo/LISTNAME page refers to the archive as
.../pipermail/LISTNAME.  I have made /pipermail/ and Alias in my
httpd-config.  My httpd should be configured to treat .txt files as

  $ grep -w txt $APACHEHOME/etc/apache/mime.types
  text/plain                      txt

However, lists with private archives use .../mailman/private/LISTNAME
for their archive link, and I think that either the ScriptAlias I have
on /mailman/ or the "private" CGI script breaks the Content-Type: of
the ".txt"-extended downloadable archive -- i.e. for public archives
the Content-Type: is (properly) text/plain, but for private archives
it is text/html.

This means that when viewing the downloadable version of a private
archive in a web browser, all lines are wrapped and things are not
very legible.

Is this due to me misconfiguring something, is it a feature, or is it
a bug?

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