[Mailman-Users] mail-news gatewaying

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Thu Dec 10 22:47:51 CET 1998

>>>>> "VRS" == Viren R Shah <viren at rstcorp.com> writes:

    VRS> I was having problems with the getting posts to the
    VRS> associated newsgroup relayed back to the mailing
    VRS> lists. Eventually the problem was tracked down to the
    VRS> PollNewsGroup subroutine in the GatewayManager.py
    VRS> script. When this is opening a pipe to the "post" script
    VRS> using

    |             file = os.popen("%s %s nonews" % 
    |                                 (os.path.join(mm_cfg.SCRIPTS_DIR,
    |                                 "post"), self._internal_name), "w")

    VRS> it wouldn't work (the pipe, that is), and the "post" script
    VRS> would never get called. The way we currently have it workin
    VRS> is by calling it through the python executable:

    |         file = os.popen("%s %s nonews" % 
    |                    ("/usr/local/bin/python /mail/mailman/scripts/post", 
    | 			self._internal_name), "w")

    VRS> Currently the paths to python and post are hardcoded, but
    VRS> they don't have to be. Is this something that is a general
    VRS> problem, or one that is specific to our install?

I believe the problem is that scripts/post is generally *not*
installed with execute bit set.  You chnge will work, or you could
just turn on the execute bit on the script.  I'm going to install your 
change into the source, but I'll generalize the path calculations (and 
probably do some reformmatting and general cleanup of the code).


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