[Mailman-Users] A couple of quick questions & comments

Jason Wellman nimh at morticia.ml.org
Thu Dec 10 23:58:18 CET 1998

First off, a big hats off and thank you to everyone who has worked on
mailman. :)  I love it, and intend to switch my entire mailing list load to

But I have a couple of questions. ;)

1)  When gatwaying mail to the newsgroup and the archives the prefix for the
mailing list (like [mailman-users]) doesn't show up.  It only shows up on
delivered mail.  Is there a way to get the prefix to remain on the messages?
If not I would add that it might be a nice feature for future releases. ;)

2)  Pipermail archiving...a question and a sugestion.  First, is there
anyway to make the articles in the archive assend by date?  And the
suggestion...a search and edit funcion.  Online editing for admins is
extreamly useful for public archives. :)

Thanks!  Great job!

-- Jason Wellman

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