[Mailman-Users] Problem with mail-GID

Marcus C. Gottwald gottwald at inf.fu-berlin.de
Sat Dec 12 23:05:31 CET 1998


I have downloaded the sources of mailman 1.0b6, 
configured and "make install"ed it, but I can't
get sendmail 8.9.1a to forward mail to the
wrapper program. 

"configure" thinks it should use GID 12, which 
is the group "mail". This sounds and looks all 
right. However, when I try to send mail, it
fails with an "unknown mailer error 1" and the 
entry in /var/log/mail says

 Mailman mail-wrapper: Failure to exec script.
 WANTED gid 12, GOT gid 2.  (Reconfigure to 
 take 2?)

Group 2 is "daemon", and sendmail has got 
something to do with it, according to

So I thought setting "--with-mail-gid=2" should
at least produce a different error message. But
no matter what I set the mail-gid to, the
error message remains the same after recompiling
and re-installing mailman. Even if I set it to
something completely different like 13, the 
message doesn't change.

I went through the archives of the list, but 
was unable to find a hint, so I hope someone
can point out to me where I did something

Thanks in advance!


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