[Mailman-Users] Problem with mail-GID

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Tue Dec 15 05:23:54 CET 1998

>>>>> "MCG" == Marcus C Gottwald <gottwald at inf.fu-berlin.de> writes:

    MCG> So I thought setting "--with-mail-gid=2" should
    MCG> at least produce a different error message. But
    MCG> no matter what I set the mail-gid to, the
    MCG> error message remains the same after recompiling
    MCG> and re-installing mailman. Even if I set it to
    MCG> something completely different like 13, the 
    MCG> message doesn't change.

Hi Marcus!  I hope I can help with the configuration issues.  Just to
be clear, are you sure you did a `make clean' in between re-running
configure --with-mail-gid=2 and doing a `make install'?  Just
reconfiguring doesn't cause the wrappers to be recompiled.

If you did do a `make clean' at the right time, then please send me
the output of doing a fresh install (from `make clean' to configure to 
`make install').  You don't need to send it to the whole list.  I'll
see if there's anything strange going on.


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