[Mailman-Users] Yay! It's working!

Jerry Adlersfluegel jerrya at jerrya.fastrans.net
Sat Dec 19 05:35:14 CET 1998

On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Amanda Shuler wrote:

> GREAT.  :)
> Thanks for all your help.  :)
> Now, I have one other (probably dumb question).
> Is there a built in "search the archives" function?
> Or do I need to find some other program to do that?
> Is so, what program should I use?

I was just thinking about that yesterday. I am hoping to have some time to
try setting up ht://Dig.


If anyone has done this, please let me (us) know. If there are plans to
roll something in, also let us know so we can save some of our effort.


Jerry Adlersfluegel

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