[Mailman-Users] help me

Manojit manojit at mymcomm.com
Thu Dec 31 21:51:22 CET 1998

1.>I have installed mailman on my server, I've created a list, changed
aliases, run newaliases and typed
on the browser, which is showing no publicly advertised list available.But
when I clicked "the list admin overview page " link it shows me the list I
created as publicly advertised list. Why the listname is not showing by
2>On accesing the listinfo.cgi page I'm getting a line as "(Send questions
and comments to mailman-owner at localhost.localdomain.)". But I want to change
the link as my domain name, how to do that. I've added the necessary things
to mm_cfg.py file and changed aliases file also, but it is not working.

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