[Mailman-Users] Multilingual support in mailman?

Farzad FARID farzy at publicis.fr
Tue Jul 7 20:53:14 CEST 1998


 I'm planning to use mailman on a mailing-list I'm gonna create. But I'd
rather have it display all messages in french :)
 Right now I see that I'd have to edit many scripts to translate the
texts. Would it be possible to have a version in which the texts and the
scripts are separated? That would make translation easier.

 Furthermore by greping the sources I see that many sentences are repeated
often. Wouldn't it be safer to have only one definition of these across
all scripts? For example "-- confirmation of subscription -- request" is
used 4 times in 3 scripts:

./cgi/subscribe:        list.SendTextToUser(subject = "%s -- confirmation
  of subscription -- request %d" % \
./modules/mm_mailcmd.py:                conf_pat = r"%s -- confirmation of
  subscription -- request (\d\d\d\d\d\d)" % \
./modules/mm_mailcmd.py:        self.SendTextToUser(subject = "%s --
  confirmation of subscription -- request %d" % \
./modules/mm_pending.py:        %(listname)s -- confirmation of
  subscription -- request %(cookie)s

 Having only one string would also make translation a lot easier :)

 Another question: has mailman been tested on large lists? Like around 500


Farzad FARID
Administrateur Reseau
Publicis Technology

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