[Mailman-Users] gid error

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at CNRI.Reston.Va.US
Thu Jul 30 21:01:01 CEST 1998

>>>>> "m" == m  <mark at dallas-cs-000.novare.net> writes:

    m> i keep getting this error. i thought i had followed the dirs
    m> but i must be missing something:

    m> Jul 30 11:58:47 orifice Mailman mail-wrapper: Failure to exec
    m> script. WANTED gid 8, GOT gid 1.  (Reconfigure to take 1?

    m> i let the configure script determine the gid and it got mail's
    m> gid 8 but it appears that the script is trying to run as
    m> daemon's gid.

    m> i configured mailman once before ( i believe it was an earlier
    m> version ) but did not have this problem.

Mark, re-run configure with --with-mail-gid=daemon, then re-install.
That should fix your problem.


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