[Mailman-Users] User management bug?

Scott scott at chronis.pobox.com
Mon Nov 9 23:43:06 CET 1998

On Mon, Nov 09, 1998 at 03:39:59PM -0500, Farul Ghazali wrote:
| >what web server/python version are you using?
| I'm using Apache 1.3.0 with Python 1.5.1
| >when you click on a chunk, does it append "?chunk=2" or something like
| >that to the url?
| Yes it does (as it always did) but it reloads only the first page. I've
| tried this on multiple versions of Netscape 4 on my Mac as well as on the
| Solaris box that runs the mailing list.
| I don't remember when this actually happened, but if I were to guess I
| would say that it was after I upgraded from 1.0b4 to 1.0b6.
| Much thanks.
| .farul

This is strange.  If you enter the full url in the browser (with the
?chunk= appended), then go to it, it works, but if you click on the
url, the extra query string doesn't get passed in for some reason.  

I've not seen this behavior before.  Does anyone know what might be
stripping the query string from a link in apache 1.3.0? I know that
older apache's didn't pass query strings when Redirect'ing from one
location to another, but it appears that this now works in apache.

Is there anything that may to point to this in the web server's


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