[Mailman-Users] list member email address format issues

John Lewis jlewis at prospace.org
Wed Nov 11 23:40:50 CET 1998


I am running mailman 1.0b6 on a redhat 5.2 intel box.

I added several members to a mailing list using the following format:

John Doe <john.doe at anon.com>

Which appears to work in regard to sending out mail etc, 

However, it upsets the html parsing of the membership configuration page in
the administration settings.  The brackets around the email address wreak
havoc with the checkboxes for the user options.

Perhaps this needs to be stated in the instructions for adding new users...
 just add their email addresses, not names etc.

Which gets me to: Is there a way I can edit the current subscribers to
remove the above syntax and replace it with just their email addresses
without having to unsubscribe them then resubscribe?  Is there a text file
of subscribers that I can edit?


-John Lewis

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