[Mailman-Users] Problem w/ subscribing on Debian 2.0 system

kemp at ocean2.msrc.sunysb.edu kemp at ocean2.msrc.sunysb.edu
Tue Nov 24 19:10:50 CET 1998

I am running Debian 2.0, using smail release 3_2_0_101. 
I have set up a mailing list LOTOC and can run admin 
functions just fine.  When I attempt to subscribe to the 
list in order to test it, I get the initial mailing requesting 
confirmation before my subscription is entered.  I return 
that email to confirm, and receive the following error sent 
to postmaster:

|------------------------- Failed addresses follow: ---------------------
 "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd lotoc" ... failed: 
transport pipe:
 child returned status EX_1 (1)
|------------------------- Message text follows: ------------------------

(etc etc)

I have seen something like this addressed once before in 
the archives but for a different system configuration.  The 
solution there was to alter the EXIM director and 
transport files.  Can anyone explain how I would do this 
for a Debian/smail based system?


Paul Kemp

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