[Mailman-Users] Re: HELP! Really like mailman, need help getting

LUK ShunTim cestluk at polyu.edu.hk
Tue Oct 6 10:55:35 CEST 1998


I installed mailman in my Debian 2.0 machine and I ran into exactly the
same problem as John Lewis, whose posting I found in the mailman list
archive. (And I shared his feeling towards majordomo.) In  configurating
the Makefile, default values coming with the source are used. The MTA is
smail (Debian default), not sendmail and I've added the required aliases
in /etc/aliases and ran newaliases.

One more observation: When I tried the administration page, in the
General Options Section, there are a numbers of links named "Details"
which should be pointing to some topic specific explanation but they all
gave the Administrative Authentication page although a look at the HTML
source show that that are indeed pointing to different locations.

Any suggestions on how to solve the problem?


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