[Mailman-Users] Configuration under EXIM and Debian v2.0

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Thu Oct 15 00:46:27 CEST 1998

[Peter Gervai]

> - Create a list as usual. 'su - www-data' before creating...
>   When creating, newlist tells you what to insert.
>   Twist it a little, such as:
>   test:			"|/var/lib/mailman/scripts/post test"
>   test-admin:		"|/var/lib/mailman/scripts/mailowner test"
>   test-request:		"|/var/lib/mailman/scripts/mailcmd test"

This one stung me, too.  Is the sendmail aliases syntax different from
the Exim syntax here?  Exim interprets the alias

test: |"/var/lib/mailman/scripts/post test"

as "when mail resolved via the alias key "test" arrives, try piping it
to the space-containing command name '/var/lib/mailman/scripts/post test'
with no arguments"

If both sendmail and Exim are happy with the following syntax:

test: |/var/lib/mailman/scripts/post test

, I propose changing the current "newlist" output.

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