[Mailman-Users] Mailman for use in large installation wishlist

John Viega John at list.org
Thu Oct 15 21:24:25 CEST 1998

That's a good idea.  I'm out of town this week, unexpectedly, but I'll
personally work on this next week.


On Thu, Oct 15, 1998 at 01:09:35AM +0200, Harald Meland wrote:
> I am considering switching all our nearly 4000 mailing lists over to
> Mailman (eventually, there's no hurry for most of the lists (I'm only
> halfway through the Python tutorial yet :)), but with that many lists
> being involved, I'm having second thoughts due to some issues in the
> current Mailman implementation.
> First, some of our list administrators have admin rights for as many
> as 50 lists.  That amounts to rather a lot of list passwords to keep
> track of for the poor admin, which is undesirable to say the least.
> Currently, our mailing list interface is a UNIX shell command, and
> determines whether to allow administration or not based upon the
> callers UID.  That way, all the passwords any admin has to remember,
> is their standard UNIX password.  Of course, it also means that only
> local UNIX users are able to administrate our lists (which means it is
> sometimes a bit of a pain to find new admins for old lists).
> Second, very many of our lists have several admins.  Implementing
> multiple list admins by means of "share this one admin password
> between the lot of you" seems to me to be rather an ad hoc way of
> doing it.
> So, I was thinking: Would it be possible to have a Mailman-global
> database of administrators' (more-or-less canonical) email addresses
> and their passwords, and require both email address and password when
> authenticating for list administration?
> That way, each admin would only have to remember _one_ password (and
> their email address :), no matter how many lists she administrates,
> and multiple admins would authenticate using separate passwords.
> Mailman would still not have the restriction of allowing only local
> users to do administration.
> Any thoughts?  Are anyone using Mailman for large lists/huge numbers
> of lists?
> PS: Is there any way of turning list archiving off entirely for any
>     particular list?  Archiving all of our nearly 4000 lists would
>     need a lot of disk pretty fast... :)
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> Harald
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