[Mailman-Users] Sun recommended patches breaks python/mailman, help!

Farul Ghazali farul at cuccfa.ccc.columbia.edu
Wed Oct 28 18:56:51 CET 1998

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Tomas Fasth wrote:

> So, the web server aren't allowed to access a certain file. Normally the
> webserver and Mailman is running as different user id's. This is always a
> source of trouble if the permission and owner settings gets messed up on
> certain files. But I have no good advise on this, other than you should try
> to determine which file(s) is causing the problem and correct the file
> permission settings somehow.

Somehow I figured out that this was a permissions problem, apparently the
cgi-bin directory needs to have the set-gid bit set. 

> Your real problem is that you're the one taking the first blow ;-) A
> standing recommendation for now seem to be: do not upgrade anything on live
> mailman installations. You have our full sympathy. ;-)

Thanks for the sympathy :) However, the situation seems to be normal for
now, I went and got the latest cvs revisions, compiled a fresh copy of the
latest python and apache. I did back out of the y2k patches however, so
that's something I'm going to have to redo later in life :-)

So, the conclusion is, get the latest revision of mailman (pre 1.0b6?) 
along with the latest versions of python/apache and it technically should
work. Now I have to figure out why my damn console is coming out in all
caps :-(

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