[Mailman-Users] Just a little help please. ;)

Nimh nimh at morticia.ml.org
Wed Sep 16 18:23:29 CEST 1998

Heya all,

I have recently set up Mailman on my system in lue of Petidomo, and I must
say I am most impressed.  I only have a few questions:

1) Most of my subscribers are reciving more than one copy of every relayed
email...so I set the max connections to 1 in the config (I saw that solution
in the archives).  Is that correct?

2) How do I get my archives working or are they not implemented yet?

3) What permissions do you all have set on your /home/mailman and the cgi
scripts?  I ended up adding mail and nobody to my mailman group.

I am running RedHat Linux 5.1 with all the most recent errata updates for
gcc etc etc.

Thanks in advance, great job!

-- Jason Wellman

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