[Mailman-Users] Just a little help please. ;)

Marek Habersack grendel at vip.maestro.com.pl
Fri Sep 18 18:02:42 CEST 1998

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998, Nagy Balazs wrote:

> >
> > 1) Most of my subscribers are reciving more than one copy of every relayed
> > email...so I set the max connections to 1 in the config (I saw that solution
> > in the archives).  Is that correct?
> This is normal but not correct.  There's a little bug in queueing.  Please
> wait for the new release.
Hmm... and before that subscribers will kill us :)))))

> > 2) How do I get my archives working or are they not implemented yet?
> Iam curious too.  I think no one can tell you anything because nobody say a
> word about this.
Hmm... and yet on www.list.org the pipermail-handled archives work just fine

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