[Mailman-Users] Possible buglet in mail->news gateway

Cees de Groot ceesg at acriter.com
Tue Sep 29 14:12:32 CEST 1998

I've just configured Mailman to run on a box that uses the Netscape
servers (main, news, LDAP). It's doable and workable, if anyone is
interested I can make a writeup.

Two problems (apart from the ones that have to do with the Netscape
- I encountered the URL problem pointed out by Greg and Bob. When
entering ..../mailman/admin/list, I get the password box - whatever
I do, I'm bounced back to .../mailman/admin. When inspecting the HTML,
ACTION is set to "/mailman/admin" instead of "/mailman/admin/list".
- With the mail->news gateway, my NNTP server complained about a
duplicate Sender header. Dunnow whether it should've been stripped
beforehand, but adding a "del msg['sender']" at line 121 of
GatewayManager.py seems to do the trick.

Last remark: Great stuff! I'll be replacing my Majordomo setup at home
ASAP :-)



Cees de Groot
Acriter Consulting          http://www.acriter.com

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