[Mailman-Users] Re: XYZ-owner at other.machine

Baranyai Laszlo baranyai at elfiz2.kee.hu
Thu Apr 1 10:03:31 CEST 1999

Thank you for your quick answer.

On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, Greg Stein wrote:

> it is your English translation, so please try to explain your problem
> with a little more detail. I will try to use simpler English in my
> email.

Wow. Sorry. There is Mailman 1.08b installed on a Linux (Debian) server.
It has more lists (and I am the administrator of two lists named
"kee-phd at elfiz2.kee.hu" and "dosz-mernok at phd.hu"). Members were registered
in "bulk" section of admin page when the lists started. They use several
domains, like "*@hoya.kee.hu" , "*@liliom.kee.hu" , "*@yahoo.com" , etc.
According to the delivery report mailman tries to send reminders to
"XYZ-owner at hoya.kee.hu" for example. It is so strange because there were
no problems with traffic before (you have to know that these lists are
young - 1-2 month old ). Of course these are not valid e-mail addresses.

In addition, mailman sent reminders to the members of 
"teszt at elfiz2.kee.hu" (it is not my list) with the same style. Error
messages have all important information, group ID as well. Members of
"teszt at elfiz2.kee.hu" had the ID of "<dosz-mernok at phd.hu>".

It seems chaos is to reveal itself...

> I do not understand the meaning of "elfiz2.kee.hu" and "phd.hu". How do
> those names relate to the problem that you are seeing.

The name "phd.hu" covers a virtual host at "elfiz2.kee.hu". Both have
mailing lists.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Laszlo Baranyai

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