[Mailman-Users] Misc. Mailman questions

Marc L. Allen allen at chesapeake.tokheim.com
Thu Apr 1 22:36:41 CEST 1999


I just recently installed Mailman under Linux and I've got a few
questions.  Some have to do with features that may not exist.  If so,
please let me know.  Thanks.

1) I notice that when someone sends an HTML message (via Netscape, for
instance) that the resulting message contains the list header, followed
by the MIME attachment, and the list footer.  Under Netscape, at least,
it only displays the MIME attachment.  Is that a Netscape problem or a
problem in Mailman with handling HTML messages?

2) Is there a way where I can automatically restrict subscribers to a
subnet or domain name?  I want to use the list internally to my company,
but there's nothing to keep an outside person from subscribing, unless
someone moderates every subscribe request.

3) Is there a way to restrict attachments?  I did see something about
this on the archives, but there wasn't any answer given.  I guess not,
then, eh?

4) I'd like for a user to be able to disable the automatic monthly
password reminder.  Is there some way to do that?



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