[Mailman-Users] REPLY-TO oddity

Marc L. Allen allen at chesapeake.tokheim.com
Mon Apr 12 14:57:21 CEST 1999

But.. I'm afraid the original thread was lost here.

My ORIGINAL question was why, when setting a list to have replies sent
to it (which causes Mailman to issue the REPLY-TO: field), Mailman uses
the name of the list machine instead of the correct list address.

For instance, (and I'll make up some addresses), let's say I've got a
mail server called mail.generic.net.  Now, I want to run lists, so I
create a maillist DNS entry pointing to mail.generic.net, but I call it
maillist.generic.net.  I do this, because I may want to move the
maillist server to another machine and I don't want to break the
maillist addresses.  At the moment, though, I want Mailman running on
the same machine as the mail server.

When I create a new list and I want replys to go to that list, I'll get
the following headers:

	From:		"Marc L. Allen" <allen at chesapeake.tokheim.com>
	Reply-To:	listname at mail.generic.net
	To:		listname at maillist.generic.net

Now, I don't know if this is Mailman doing this, or my particular
sendmail setup.  So, I posed the question.  If it IS Mailman, I want to
know why is doesn't use the list address, which is certainly knows.



"Barry A. Warsaw" wrote:
> There's really no point in arguing this anymore.  Mailman lets list
> admins munge Reply-To: if they want, but I think we are justified in
> discouraging it.
> -Barry
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