[Mailman-Users] `Moderated' list bypass feature doesn't work for me

Ian Jackson ian at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Tue Apr 20 13:37:38 CEST 1999

I've tried to set up a list so that only certain posters can post, but
all the postings seem to require administrative approval.

I have set
 Must posts be approved by an administrator:  No
 Restrict posting privilege to list members?  No
 Addresses of members accepted for posting ...
   <list of email addresses one per line>

When I post, the posting is held.  The poster (as specified in the
From: and envelope, and whose address appears in the accepted posters
list) gets a notification, and when I look at the admin requests page
I see:

 Post held because: Only approved posters may post without moderator

The headers of the message as displayed on that page seem slightly
odd.  They give the From: correctly, but the Return-Path and
Message-Id are blank.

I'm using Mailman 1.0b8 (Debian revision 3) and Python 1.5.1 (Debian
revision 7), on Debian GNU/Linux i386 2.0 with some 2.1 upgrades,
notably the libc.


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