[Mailman-Users] list addressing

Simon Berg simonb at simonb.de
Thu Apr 29 18:10:19 CEST 1999

hi there,

i am *not* a unix guru. that's why i got some problems with list

i am running mailman 1.0b11 under irix 6.2 on an sgi indy.
when i'm posting to a list, let's say
mailto:test at lists.kommwiss.fu-berlin.de ,
the message that's sent by mailman only contains the to-header
test at lists .

is this a bug or a feature?
how do i modify this?

btw: lists.kommwiss.fu-berlin.de is an alias (CNAME). so maybe my
problem concerns sendmail configuration. in this case: where can i
get information on that topic?

thanks in advance

best regards & peace     Simon Berg (simonb at gmx.net)

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