[Mailman-Users] Three problems: exim, archives and separate replies.

Christian Dysthe cdysthe at oddbird.dyndns.org
Fri Aug 6 07:07:18 CEST 1999


I have just set up mailman on our Debian Slink web server. It seems to
run fine, but I do have two problems:

1. When I try to click on a list archive I get a message like this:
-- The requested URL /pipermail/opera-newsletter/ was not found on this server.
I can not find how to correct this and set up a working archive. What
am I missing?

2. I am using Exim as MTA. It works fine except for when I batch
subscribe members. If I batch subscribe a lot of them exim goes down or
becomes VERY slow for a long time. I am currently transferring a 32.000
subscriber mailing list from majordomo to mailman, and it is kind of
hard having to put them in "one by one". What might the problem be?

3. Is it possible to have mailman use different text templates for
different lists? Some of the lists I want to run have digest enabled,
and some doesn't, so it would be great to be able to alter the text
output so it represent the list better like you can with the html.


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