[Mailman-Users] Possible FAQ Addendum

B. Friday brian at lasierra.edu
Thu Aug 19 02:37:47 CEST 1999

Hello all,

I know there is constantly a problem with --with-mail-gid errors and
questions on the list.  After being one of those with problems (and
possibly just getting struck by a bolt of wisdom) I've uncovered what I
believe to be a addition to the Mailman FAQ regarding "Unknown
Mailer Error 2"

Basically I know I've solved my problem and thought I would share ^_^;

For your consideration!

Problem:  Unknown Mailer Error 2
Error Messages:
Aug 18 15:36:31 inet Mailman mail-wrapper: Failure to exec script. WANTED
gid 1, GOT gid 250.  (Reconfigure to take 250?)

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
554 "|/opt/mailman/mail/wrapper post tech_ml"... unknown mailer error 2

	In addition to what has been previously mentioned in the FAQ this
problem can also occur under the following situation.

	When a alias is placed in the sendmail aliases file (for example):

		tech: tech,Mailing_List
		 ^	^	\______
		 |	|______		\
		 |		\	 \
	   Sendmail Alias   Actual User   Dept_Mailinglist

	As a system admin, I'd like the mail sent to this departments
	mailbox which is a actual account on my system to also be
	distributed to that departments Mailing list. 
	(This is a technical service department so this works great for
	our technicians while they are out on a job as they can see a new
	job without having to come back to the office).

Analysis of the Problem:

	In theory any mail directed to "tech" on my system should be sent
	not only to the user "tech" but also the Tech Departments Mailing list.

	When this procedure is used on "tech" and the second address is
	not a mailing list but rather another account (or even another
	alias) no problem occur.

	But in practice, I've found the following occurs:
	(this is what I assume I don't have concrete proof)

		Sendmail receives the message for tech
		Sendmail notes the exsistance of a alias for tech
		Sendmail recognizes that the mail is for a user
		Instead of using its default gid for delievery, the gid of
			the user is used
		Sendmail hands the message to mailman as the gid of the
			user NOT the gid compiled in with the
				"--with-mail-gid" option.
		Mailman balks at receiving the message from a gid its not 
			familiar with and prints a error message to
			console	(and /var/adm/messages for me)	
		A message is sent to the sender of the orginal message
		 	with "Unknown Mailer Error 2".

Solutions Tried:

	This occurs with all the permissions correctly placed on the
	mailman directory and its contents.

	This occurs even though the aliased user is listed as a valid
	mailing list alias on the "Privacy Options" page.
	This occurs regardless if the --with-mail-gid is set to the
	correct system number or not.

	The following entry in the sendmail aliases file does work.

		alias: user,mailing_list
		 ^	^	\______
		 |	|______		\
		 |		\	 \
	   Sendmail Alias   Actual User   Dept_Mailinglist
	Account names that are aliased to themselves then the mailing list
	will not work but will exhibit the unknown mailer error 2.  

	To avoid this always create a virtual user and alias that to the
	account and the mailing list.


Comments? Suggestions? 

Did I just mention something everyone knew? (I hope not  ^_^;)

Brian Friday
System Administrator
La Sierra University
(909) 785-2554 x2

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