[Mailman-Users] Question Regarding admindb

Gonzalo Servat speedy at WebBios.com.au
Wed Dec 1 06:37:51 CET 1999

Hi All.

I have a quick question about the "approval" page.

If you have a list set on moderated, then when you send an email, it
will wait for approval.

I noticed that it gives you the URL to go to, to either approve, discard
or reject.

It would be quite easy for anyone to send spam to the list, then guess
the URL of the approval page (since its usually
www.domain.com/admindb/<listname> and approve it themselves since no
password is required.

Any ideas on how I could enable a password setting there? (other than
making a .htaccess file.. i was hoping there's an easier way)

Thank you.



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