[Mailman-Users] find member command

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Thu Dec 2 06:04:03 CET 1999

>>>>> "KW" == Kory Wheatley <wheakory at isu.edu> writes:

    KW> Also how do you use the regular expressions for the
    KW> find_member. I have tried using this program with mailman 1.0
    KW> and it dont find anything.  Here's some example how I have
    KW> tried to use it.

    | find_members -x wheakory
    | find_members -x [a-z]
    | find_members -x /\S/   or [\S]

Yikes!  These won't do what you want because -x expects an argument
(also, the script is called `find_member', singular).  In the first
example, you're trying to exclude a list called `wheakory', which I
bet you don't have :).  Try something like:

% find_member -l mylist wheakory

The regular expression argument is specifically a Python regex (which
should be close enough to Perl5 regexs for you Perlies :).  For more
information do a `find_member -h'.

General note: -h on any of the bin scripts should print out usage


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