[Mailman-Users] *just* the admin cgi breaks on my system

Allen Bolderoff allen at gist.net.au
Tue Dec 7 23:06:11 CET 1999

> >>>>> "AB" == Allen Bolderoff <allen at gist.net.au> writes:
>     AB> if I change the gid of the user running the script, it comes
>     AB> back with an error about the wrong gid, so it appears that
>     AB> admin is dying somewhere and not playing nicely about it.
>     AB> This is a second installation on the same system, the other
>     AB> installation works fine.
> Does anything get printed in logs/error?

Nothing shows up in any log. - I think it might be coring or something, however the web server does not allow core to be dumped.

I actually think it is a problm with the web server, as I can run admin from the command line with no problems, it brings up the list details.

I actually thing the web server might be having the problem. I just cannot find a whisper in *any* logs on the system.

OH well....


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