[Mailman-Users] fetch by email

Mats Wichmann mats at laplaza.org
Tue Dec 14 15:35:42 CET 1999

Hunting for possible solutions for a dilemma (only a minor
one, however).

We've had our site switched over to mailman for some months
now and while things are running smoothly, we've lost one
particular feature we used to have in majordomo.

That is - fetch-by-email of arbitrary files from an archive
area.  In addition to automatically generated archives
which mailman makes available in downloadable form via
a web page, can an arbitrary file be added to the area and 
picked up - and is there a way archive files can be picked
up by email request?

This happens to be needed for accessing things like
meeting minutes by name (rather than by downloading the
entire fuzzball from the month of publication).

I know there are other tools available for fetching files
but this has been convenient because in this case, list
membership is exactly the right authentication scheme
and I'd hate to add another layer to track the member list
for using a different tool (ftp or something)....


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