[Mailman-Users] new install: 404 error and empty cgi-bin?

Christopher Kolar ckolar at admin.aurora.edu
Tue Feb 2 18:51:17 CET 1999

Hi everyone.  I have just jumped in to my first mailman (b8)  install on a
system running Linux (2.0.36) and apache (1.3.1).  I have looked poured
over the access.conf and srm.conf files and everything looks like it should
according to the install notes, but still no go.  I get the message:

[Tue Feb  2 11:38:56 1999] [error] [client] script not found
or unable to stat: /home/mailman/cgi-bin/admin

One thing that I would like to ask: the cgi-bin directory is empty -- I
would have expected the scripts to be there or at least symbolic links.  I
have the alias and scriptsalias settings done according to the docs, as
well as the directory entry in the access.conf.  The server is set to gid
nobody, which is one of the defaults for the config I see (I have no www or
www-admin).  Could it be possibly related anyway?

One other question.  I did the config and install as root, should I have
su'd to mailman and done it that way?  I didn't seen anything specific in
the docs apart from becoming mailman to set up the lists.  I have looked
over the archived from the past few months but nothing there seemed to
solve this problem.  Thanks much in advance.

Thanks in advance.


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