[Mailman-Users] Messages silently disappearing

Edward S. Marshall emarshal at logic.net
Wed Feb 3 06:42:01 CET 1999


Just set up Mailman, and I'm impressed; I did a foray into the ML software
world about a year ago, and was seriously disappointed with what I found
(ended up forking out for ListProc back then, since Listserv was so damned
expensive, and Majordomo was such a PITA to get running ;-). This package
addresses most of the concerns I had back then. Nice work!


CGI scripts work great, the email interface to list management functions
is fine, and people can subscribe, unsubscribe, and change their settings
both through the web interface and through email. Basically, everything
seems like it's working, until you send a message to the list.

The message is archived, and a log entry is made in the "post" log about
the message, and that's it. Nothing is sent to anyone.

I've set up two lists, one with a bunch of options customized, and one as
a "default" test list; both exhibit the same behavior. No Mailman error
log, no syslog entries (other than the normal MTA delivery notices), and
no Python traces anywhere.

Using Python 1.5.1, Mailman 1.0b8, Postfix as the MTA. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

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