[Mailman-Users] upgrading

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Wed Feb 3 20:47:23 CET 1999

[Greg Stein]

> What do I do? Go into 1.0b8 and do a ./configure and a make and then a
> make upgrade? Oh, but wait... where does "make install" happen. But if I
> make install before make upgrade, then isn't there a point when my
> mailman system is inconsistent?

Installing over an in-production Mailman is not an atomic operation,

My best bet at a "safe" upgrade process would be:

  "./configure && make"

  Disable message delivery into Mailman (turn off the MTA or whatever)

  Wait until the system is done processing any "active" messages

  "make install"

  "make update"

  Enable message delivery into Mailman again

... but I'm just guessing.

I'm quite sure that "make update" should be run _after_ "make
install", though.

> Can I carry over configuration from the 1.0b6 area, or do I need to
> just copy the stuff from config.status there?

I'm guessing that in this particular case, maybe you could get away
with copying config.status -- but in general, you should always run
configure (with the proper options) again.  However, if it is any
help: The configure command line, as indicated near the top of
config.status, to my knowledge does not need to be changed.

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