[Mailman-Users] [Q] a couple of newbie questions

Wei-Bin Chen weibin at flightlab.com
Fri Feb 5 00:16:20 CET 1999

Hi, all,

Just tried out the Mailman package, and I am pretty happy with it. :-)
Congratulation to the developers!

And just a couple of lame newbie questions though...

1) is there anyway (web-base/manual editing) to delete certain messages
from archive?  Yes, I know the purpose of archiving IS to keep
but so often one NEEDS to delete TEST messages and SPAMs...

2) I saw in this list that messages under the same thread (i.e. all
subsequent replies)
are expanded under the thread title.  How do I ``activate'' this nice
feature?  Right
now, when I reply(email) to a message, Mailman automatically start a new
I am beginning to think that it is a news-group feature...  If that is
the case, is there
anyway to ``fake'' the effect?

Thanks very much for your help.

 Wei-Bin Chen

(Pardon me if the message is mal-formatted, this is the first time I use
Netscape Composer...)

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