[Mailman-Users] subscribers being ignored...

Jerry Adlersfluegel jerrya at jerrya.fastrans.net
Fri Feb 5 04:58:17 CET 1999

My setup:
Linux 2.0.32
sendmail 8.8.7
mailman 1.0b8

I have a single list with 77 subscribers. I am hosting the list through a
modem, and it is great. The improvements since b5 are such that delivery
time has improved from over 4 minutes for a typical message to about 1:30.
Everyone is happy with the list. Except for a couple people that don't
receive any of the traffic.

I added a couple subscribers over a week ago, and they were getting the
list until Sunday night. Now they just don't get any of the messages. They
did receive their subscription reminders. 

I have unsubscribed them and then re-added them (it is a closed list) and
it didn't help. Their profiles are the same as anyone else, but they just
don't get any of the mail.

The only thing I can think of is that the ones that are shut out are all
on AOL. There are 22 regular subscribers on AOL, and I noticed how the
mail gets batched together. Is it possible that there is a limit to how
many recipients my sendmail is seeing? In my case a single message gets
sent for all the AOL recipients. Is there a way I can control how this

The only reason I can even think that is the problem is that the most
recently added users are the ones that aren't getting the traffic.


Jerry Adlersfluegel

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