[Mailman-Users] Messages silently disappearing

Wes Morriston morristo at stripe.colorado.edu
Sat Feb 6 17:58:21 CET 1999


I have exactly this problem (perfectly described by Edward Marshall). 
Has anyone come up with a solution?


> Hi,
> Just set up Mailman, and I'm impressed; I did a foray into the ML software
> world about a year ago, and was seriously disappointed with what I found
> (ended up forking out for ListProc back then, since Listserv was so damned
> expensive, and Majordomo was such a PITA to get running ;-). This package
> addresses most of the concerns I had back then. Nice work!
> But...;-)
> CGI scripts work great, the email interface to list management functions
> is fine, and people can subscribe, unsubscribe, and change their settings
> both through the web interface and through email. Basically, everything
> seems like it's working, until you send a message to the list.
> The message is archived, and a log entry is made in the "post" log about
> the message, and that's it. Nothing is sent to anyone.
> I've set up two lists, one with a bunch of options customized, and one as
> a "default" test list; both exhibit the same behavior. No Mailman error
> log, no syslog entries (other than the normal MTA delivery notices), and
> no Python traces anywhere.
> Using Python 1.5.1, Mailman 1.0b8, Postfix as the MTA. Any help would be
> greatly appreciated.
> -- 
> Edward S. Marshall <emarshal at logic.net>       [ What goes up, must come down. ]
> http://www.logic.net/~emarshal/               [ Ask any system administrator. ]

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