[Mailman-Users] Problems with Mailman

Bernhard Strathewerd mendite at altmuehlnet.baynet.de
Sun Feb 7 16:48:44 CET 1999


Firstly: Sorry for my bad English...
I have a problem with Mailman. I have built mailman on a cumputer for
testing in home 
environment. Sendmail seems working well, there are no errormessages in
logfiles. The
subscribing function is also well. I subscribe over web and get a mail
with order for
confirm. Confirming functions also well and I recieve a wellcome
message....untill here
it´s looking good.....but...
If I send a mail to mailinglist I can see it on webpage, but nobody in
the mailinglist
get this message...What have I to do that this function goes?

I use Mailman 1.0b8
My distribution is SuSE 6.0

Thank you for helping!

Bernhard Strathewerd
Do you know the POS (Penguin-Operating-System)?


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