[Mailman-Users] Hostname in mail headers

Marcus C. Gottwald gottwald at inf.fu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 8 12:25:03 CET 1999


Greg Stein wrote (Mon 1999-Feb-08 02:37:17 -0800):

> In the "General Options" administration screen, change the "host name
> this list prefers" option (near the bottom of the list) to whatever you
> would like it to be. You can also update the URL to use the appropriate
> virtual host.

That is the setting which doesn't work, maybe I should have
explained a little more in detail.

And this setting does not work although Mailman has been 
told that he should always use the name I am trying to use 
for this list. And Mailman does so when presenting HTML-pages 
for example. Only when sending mails, it doesn't work.

Cheers, Marcus

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