[Mailman-Users] Hostname in mail headers

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Mon Feb 8 13:51:19 CET 1999

[Marcus C. Gottwald]

> G'day!
> Greg Stein wrote (Mon 1999-Feb-08 02:37:17 -0800):
> > In the "General Options" administration screen, change the "host name
> > this list prefers" option (near the bottom of the list) to whatever you
> > would like it to be. You can also update the URL to use the appropriate
> > virtual host.
> That is the setting which doesn't work, maybe I should have
> explained a little more in detail.
> And this setting does not work although Mailman has been 
> told that he should always use the name I am trying to use 
> for this list. And Mailman does so when presenting HTML-pages 
> for example. Only when sending mails, it doesn't work.

According to my copy of the b6 sources, the messages should be sent
out with an envelope sender of

  <LISTNAME-admin at HOST>

where you can find LISTNAME and HOST in a way similar to this:

  $ cd ~mailman
  $ python
  Python 1.5.1 (#1, Oct  9 1998, 15:23:54) [C] on sunos5
  Copyright 1991-1995 Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam
  >>> from Mailman import MailList
  >>> list = MailList.MailList("LISTNAME")   # This locks the list
  >>> list._internal_name
  >>> list.host_name
  >>> list.Unlock()                          # Finished, remember to unlock

Are you sure your problem isn't that your MTA is doing some address
rewriting _after_ Mailman has passed the messages on to it?

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