[Mailman-Users] exim

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Tue Feb 9 16:25:21 CET 1999

[Clark Evans]

> I'm using the virtual server feature.
> It's really nice.  
> Question: Can I change the /listinfo/ page
> for one virtual server so that it's different
> from the others?
> For example,
> 	http://list.lifenet.com/mailman/listinfo/
> Mentions "patternstudy.com" towards the bottom.
> This is the "Default" server.

Currently this is not possible -- it is always MAILMAN_OWNER as
defined in Mailman/mm_cfg.py (and Mailman/Defaults.py) which is listed

Personally, I think there should be an additional level of
administration in Mailman, i.e. have administrators at "list", "site"
and "installation" level.  Now there are no "site" administrator
level, only "list" and "installation", and that won't scale too well

It might even be a good idea to generalize even further, and provide
some way of giving certain admins "privileges" that put them further
up the hierarchy, possibly allowing them in turn to issue some
privileges unto others.

But this won't make it into 1.0, of course :)

> Also, is there a way when you make the "new list" to put in the
> domain?  Having 'new list notificatins' for one customer, "lifenet",
> mentioning another custtomer "patternstudy" isn't fun.

I don't think so, no.  However, I've never quite understood why
bin/newlist insists that the list names it's fed contain no "@"
characters.  An implementation strategy would be for "newlist" to
allow "@"s in input list names, and then split things up later
internally, using separate alias files file or whatever for mailing
lists in separate domains.

I think the virtual hosting stuff in Mailman is basically a hack,
which will need to be rethought carefully later.  Hopefully, it won't
be _too much_ later :)

> Also, who are the key developers on this project?

See the file ACKNOWLEDGMENTS in toplevel directory of the

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