[Mailman-Users] Problems creating a list

Pierce Cpl Wayne A Piercewa at mail.miramar.usmc.mil
Tue Feb 9 22:30:01 CET 1999

	I just finished installing mailman on a RH 5.2 system with
sendmail.  I can create the test list without any problems.  But when I
try to create a list with capital letters, such as SNCO, it won't let me
admin the list from the web interface.

	Any list with caps doesn't work, but if it's in complete
lowercase it works fine however.  Anyone know if this is a bug or just
something I'm doing wrong?

	Also, I read in the archives that someone had an empty cgi-bin
directory....so did I but I was able to give an absolute URL to view the
pages.  For example, (behind firewall)
http://linux.miramar.usmc.mil/mailman/ gives me a forbidden error (403).
But if I goto http://linux.miramar.usmc.mil/mailman/listinfo it loads
fine.  Not sure if you were having the same problem or not, but it only
appeared to be the /mailman/ page the wasn't working here.

	For all those involved in the development, I'd like to say
thanks.  This looks like it's a really good piece of software (that will
save me lots of headaches).

Wayne Pierce
"Binaries may die but source code lives forever." 

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