[Mailman-Users] restrict posting to list of email addys in textfile

Alain Wyss wyssa at swissonline.ch
Wed Feb 10 12:02:49 CET 1999


I am trying to set up a mailing list containing other lists. (ie for the
compainy containing a lists for each department/workgroup.) So far so
Now, is it possible to restrict the posting to the "master"-list so that
all members of the master list and the sub-lists (departments) can mail
there and nobody else?

Alternatively, I was thinking that I could use the list_members command
to extract all the single receipients of the sub lists and put them into
a text file (ie nightly). Can I restrict the posting to the email
addresses contained in a specified text file? That would do the trick
just great, but I dont find a simple way to do that.

Would be cool if some ideas would be around.


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