[Mailman-Users] Problems creating a list

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Wed Feb 10 18:29:23 CET 1999

[Pierce Cpl Wayne A]

> 	I just finished installing mailman on a RH 5.2 system with
> sendmail.  I can create the test list without any problems.  But when I
> try to create a list with capital letters, such as SNCO, it won't let me
> admin the list from the web interface.

I hope the lowercasing done by the "admin" CGI script has been done by
design.  Of all the details around valid mail addresses, issues
regarding case of localparts are likely the seemingly most trivial
thing that has caused the most trouble.

If this was done (properly) by design, I guess "newlist" should insist
on all-lowercase list names, though.

> 	Also, I read in the archives that someone had an empty cgi-bin
> directory....so did I but I was able to give an absolute URL to view the
> pages.  For example, (behind firewall)
> http://linux.miramar.usmc.mil/mailman/ gives me a forbidden error
> (403).

This is as it should -- /mailman/ is merely a ScriptAlias, and not
something that can be executed.

The person with the empty cgi-bin directory indeed had _no_ files
installed in ~mailman/cgi-bin/ (which is _not_ as it should be).

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