[Mailman-Users] restrict posting to list of email addys in textfile

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Wed Feb 10 18:38:14 CET 1999

[Alain Wyss]

> Hi
> I am trying to set up a mailing list containing other lists. (ie for the
> compainy containing a lists for each department/workgroup.) So far so
> good.
> Now, is it possible to restrict the posting to the "master"-list so that
> all members of the master list and the sub-lists (departments) can mail
> there and nobody else?

It is _possible_, but quite inconvenient (and not very dynamic,

The way it currently can be done, is by adding _all_ member addresses
on the master list and the sub-lists to the "posters" text box in the
"Privacy Options" page of the master list.

This means that you'll have to update the "posters" text box whenever
some of the sub-lists (or the master list) changes, though.

> Alternatively, I was thinking that I could use the list_members command
> to extract all the single receipients of the sub lists and put them into
> a text file (ie nightly). Can I restrict the posting to the email
> addresses contained in a specified text file?

This is easier -- you want the "member_posting_only" setting set to
"yes" on this "expanded" master list.

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