[Mailman-Users] Hostname in mail headers

Marcus C. Gottwald gottwald at inf.fu-berlin.de
Wed Feb 10 19:34:39 CET 1999


Harald Meland wrote (Mon 1999-Feb-08 13:51:19 +0100):

> According to my copy of the b6 sources, the messages should be sent
> out with an envelope sender of
>   <LISTNAME-admin at HOST>

Getting back to this point near the end of this mail...

>   >>> list._internal_name
>   >>> list.host_name
>   'HOST'

This did work, so Mailman seemed to be working all right.

> Are you sure your problem isn't that your MTA is doing some address
> rewriting _after_ Mailman has passed the messages on to it?

I was sure that none of the involved MTAs that I have control
over did something like that. But when I was digging into it,
I found that all mails were addressed to listname at main-fqdn
although had been sent to listname at some-other-fqdn. This 
happens when the other fqdn is not a "real" DNS-entry, but a 

In addition to that, Mailman seems to have the feature to 
get/set the hostname from the string following the @-sign in 
the original mail's To:-header. 

These two factors caused me to think Mailman was doing 
something weird. The mails' look could be changed by adding 
explicit DNS-entries for the server's additional names.

The To:-line-feature might be a candidate for being mentioned 
in a FAQ or README or something similar...

Thanks for your help!

Cheers, Marcus

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